Senior Club Coaching Course - Central Coast - November 2019

Course Venue:  Wyong Rugby League Club, 40 Lake Haven Dr, Kanwal NSW 2259

Course Dates: Attendance at all sessions is required.

  • Friday 29th of November (10am - 7pm)
  • Saturday 30th of December (8am - 6pm)
  • Sunday 1st December (8am - 6pm)

Cost: $300

Applications Close: 8th November 2019

Course Pre-Requisites: 

  • Applicants are required to have held an IGC or Club Coach accreditation for a minimum of 12 months as per NRL National Accreditation database.
  • Must be coaching a  team minimum of U15’s or higher.
  • Must have Leaguesafe Accreditation
  • Must have no Code of Conduct breaches within the last 12 months

Contact Details: Mark O'Meley

Applications: To apply for this course, please complete the application form below.

Application Form

what club are your coaching at?
What age group are you coaching?
enter your NRLID number if known
Do you have anything further to add to your expression of interest?