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RISE Rugby League

Routine, Identity, Socialise and Evolve

Life-Fit Program

Welcome to Life-Fit, a program designed by Griffith University's School of Applied Psychology to assess the mental health and wellbeing of young people to help them be the best version of themselves.

Life-Fit sits within the RISE Program and has three modules Bronze (Under 13's), Silver (Under 14's) and Gold (Under 15's). 

What is Life-Fit?

What is Life-Fit?

The Life-Fit Program is delivered in partnership with Griffith University’s School of Applied Psychology. Players will participate in a series of online modules and training activities to develop some socio-emotional skills to help them tackle life’s challenges. In addition, players will have the opportunity to complete a mental health & well-being assessment (upon parent consent) and receive personalised support from qualified psychologists.

Why is Life-Fit Important? 

Within Life-Fit, there are four categories.

  • Healthy Habits
  • Strong Minds
  • Keep Calm
  • Stay Connected

Within each category, there are a number of lessons that will be delivered to each age group. These lessons cover important aspects of socio-emotional development aimed at enhancing Respect, Integrity, Self-Esteem and Engagement of RISE athletes. These are all important steps and qualities the NRL is trying foster in its junior cohort and essential characteristics of well-rounded atheletes. 

How is Life-Fit Delivered?

Life-Fit is delivered through a mixed media approach. Athletes will complete 4 Online modules relevant to their age and social maturity level. Life-Fit coaches will then take athletes through reflection activities and specially designed games to consolidate their online learning and ensure understanding of the topic.

Life-Fit coordinators and qualified psychologists from Griffith university also collect survey data (with parental consent) from a mental health and well-being assessment. This data contributes to ongoing research and is used by the psychologist team at Griffith to provide specific and personalised support to RISE participants while they are in the program. 


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