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Weight Related Competitions

Player Development Framework

What is a Weight Related Competition?

Weight Related Competitions (WRC) contrast with the Open Weight Competitions that the game currently offers by allowing players an opportunity to participate in a competition where the variance in weight is controlled.

Why control weight?

The rationale behind the concept is to provide an alternative format and cater for variance in physical, mental and emotional development of participants, particularly through late childhood and early adolescence. It serves as a means of promoting participation for all Rugby League players through addressing differences in physical maturation, offering an alternative to age-based gradings.

Weighing up the options...

"It would give the kids an opportunity to enjoy the game and develop their skills without the pressures and anxieties associated with playing against bigger kids."

Weight Research

Weight Research

Read through the research and trials that have led to the development of the Weight Related Competitions initiative.

Weight Related Trials

During the 2019 season, Weight Related Carnival was offered utilising Rugby League Brisbane’s pre-existing Neil Gilmour Challenge. The carnival was run over two days with 160 players participating. All participant families were provided the opportunity to comment on their experience with 52 surveys completed, representing a 33% return rate.


Reported that their child’s enjoyment of the Weight Related Carnival met expectations (25%), occasionally exceeded expectations (17%) or exceeded expectations (44%).


Reported that the Weight Related Carnival had improved their child’s confidence in Rugby League.


Reported that the Weight Related Carnival provided increased involvement opportunities in games for their child.

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