Come Play Junior League!

Junior League

It's all about the fun in a different league

What can I expect?

Junior League is a great way for young boys and girls to stay fit and healthy while having a ball along the way. It’s all about being a part of the team, half-time oranges and most importantly having fun! We hope to see you out there for the upcoming season.

Keeping it safe.

Not only do we have a fully trained and accredited Sports Trainer at all games, we've also developed the SafePlay Code to ensure we created the best possible on-field environment for our young players. It applies to all age groups up to Under 15's.

SafePlay Code

Join us in a Different League!

"Signing my son and daughter up to Junior League has provided them with an avenue to build friendships and develop their social and physical skills in both a fun and inclusive environment."

How long is the Rugby League season?

This varies between Leagues but generally seasons run from April to September.

Will there be training involved?

Yes, most clubs and age groups will have scheduled training sessions throughout the season.