League Stars kids have loads of fun with their friends, old and new, but the program delivers so much more. Each week they’ll unlock more of their unique strengths, building physical, cognitive, social and emotional skills that will help them take on challenges big and small, now and in the future.


League Stars is safe, inclusive and educational. Our professionally trained Rugby League Development Officers ensure every participant has equal opportunity to laugh and learn in a non-contact, organised and safe environment.

How does the program work?

League Stars is delivered in 2 phases. Phase 1 is a fun session carried out in the school playground and gives a taste of what League Stars is all about. Phase 2 is where the real fun and skill development begins – Over several weeks your little ones will experience the excitement of being a League Star after school, participating in a range of activities in an enjoyable and safe environment. Each week of the program your child will focus their skill development in the areas of basic game play and movement before they are ready to apply what they’ve learnt in a modified non-contact game of Rugby League.


Every League Stars participant will receive a cool pack! For our before and after school programs, packs include a backpack, ball, ball pump, shirt and stickers while our Holiday Clinic participants will receive a drawstring bag, ball, ball pump, Bluetooth speaker and a luggage tag.

And how much will it cost?

Phase 1 of League Stars, delivered in-schools is complimentary for participants. The Before or After School Program component and Holiday Clinics price varies based on the number of sessions each program has, see below:

  • 4 sessions: $49
  • 6 sessions: $75
  • 8 sessions: $99
  • Holiday Clinic (1 session): $40

But what do they need to bring?

You don’t need any special gear, but we love seeing our League Stars wearing the t-shirt from their program pack! We recommend sports clothing, footwear, a hat and sunscreen. Good times tend to work up quite the sweat, so make sure they have a bottle of water and if you think they may get a hungry tummy, pack a snack for afterwards.

Need more information?

For more information or enquiries regarding League Stars, contact your local Game Development Officer by clicking here.