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Built for Rugby League participants

Whether you're a Player, Supporter, one of the games amazing Volunteers, there's plenty of competitions, news, videos to explore each round. 


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MyLeague Intro

MyLeague is back for another season.

The NRL MyLeague App is back and sharper than ever for another season of Rugby League. Players, Coaches and team supporters can keep track of their teams draw and progress with our new fixtures and ladder display, keep updated with the latest Community Rugby League news and harness your skills with our coaching videos library.

Match Centre

Match Centre - Follow your team.

Follow your local Club Rugby League team to ensure you have access to your latest results, upcoming fixtures and ladder at all times.

Coaching Videos

Harness your skills - Coaching Videos

Our library of coaching videos has never been larger. Coaches and players will find activities for teams of all abilities to help fine tune your skills and organise productive training sessions.

News & Video

Stay updated - News & Videos

MyLeague also keeps you updated with the latest Club Rugby League Facebook news feeds and videos.

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MyLeague is available on most devices. Click above to download the app and get a head start on your competition.

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Not what you were looking for?

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