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Are you a Club Administrator seeking an International Clearance for a Player to play in Australia?

Before you complete the form, please review the following:

What country will I be requesting an International Clearance from?

All Countries other then New Zealand and the United Kingdom (which includes England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales) will need to complete an International Clearance via the paper form. For the paper form process, at the Club Administrator (based in Australia) you will need to work with your Association and State League to manage this request.

Are you aware of the NRL National Clearance and Permits policy?

Please refer to the NRL National Clearance & Permit Policy for the process of clearances both domestically and internationally.

If you are requesting an International Clearances from New Zealand (NZ) to Australia OR United Kingdom (UK) to Australia please complete the following form and our friendly Support team will be able to assist you in this process."


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