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Munchkin League FAQs

How much does Munchkin League cost?

Munchkin League costs $11 per session and packs (Munchkin League shirt, bag, hat, drink bottle and football) are optional at a cost of $55. Contents of the pack are able to be purchased separately on our online shop.

How do I pay for Munchkin League?

Upon registration, parents will be required to pay for the first 2 session’s upfront ($22) followed by an $11 weekly fee, paid by direct debit. Direct debit payments will be arranged directly with our Munchkin League staff.

When can I register?

Child Care Centre: 

Registrations can be made at anytime during the program.

Junior Rugby League Football Clubs: 

Registrations close at Week 2 of the program. Casual sessions may be accepted at the discretion of the Munchkin League Coordinator and may incur additional fees. 

Can I register my child at a Centre they are not enrolled in?

Children may only register for a Child Care Centre they are enrolled in. We are happy to contact your child’s centre director and discuss options for Munchkin League to deliver our program.

What happens if my child misses a session?

Where possible, Munchkin League will offer a make-up session at one of the alternate locations outside of childcare centres within 2 weeks of the missed date. It is the responsibility of the parents to contact the Munchkin League Coordinator to arrange this. 

What happens if weather prevents the session from going ahead?

Gold Coast City Council will notify Junior Rugby League clubs of any field closures.

Centre directors will notify Munchkin League deliverers if the playground is not suitable for use.

Where possible the program will be run under cover or inside. Should the program need to be cancelled families will be notified as soon as possible

The Munchkin League program will be extended to a maximum of an additional two weeks at the end of the program to account for cancelled sessions.

What qualifications do the Munchkin League staff have?

Our full time deliverers are fully qualified in the Munchkin League Program. All deliverers, including casual staff, hold a current Blue Card, First Aid and CPR certificate and Asthma and Anaphylaxis certificates.

How many children are in each session?

Munchkin League sessions maintain a ratio of deliverer to children of 1:15. This will enable our Munchkin League deliverers to provide safe, fun and quality sessions for all children.

Will my child be tackled?

Munchkin League sessions are non-contact and no tackling will occur. We promote skills which involve gross and fine motor development and encourage team work and friendship. 

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Munchkin League Policies & T&Cs

To view our program policies plus terms and conditions click here.