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It's about being part of the team

What to Expect

Rugby League is a great way for young men and women to stay fit and healthy while having a ball along the way. For our 15's & over, it’s all about being a part of the team, working hard on skills and drills but most importantly having fun with your mates! We hope to see you out there for the upcoming season.

Be part of the team.

The footy field is where lifelong friendships are forged and the fondest memories are made. For our 15's & over the focus is on the mate ship, fitness and skill development through playing Rugby League in it's full format. Check out the video below to see what you can expect.

Keeping it safe.

Not only do we have a fully trained and accredited Sports Trainer at all games, we've also developed the SafePlay Code to ensure we created the best possible on-field environment for our young players. It applies to all age groups up to Under 15's.

More than a game...

“My son is a third generation league player. The game has been a part of this family for over 70 years. When my son played his grand final This year for the club his dad and pop played for, the best thing was that some of pops friends who are over 80 and are still with us came to watch. The game teaches boys to share and aspire and be a team player and instill that in the next generation as they themselves become men. I know my grandson will want to experience that too!” - Lisa Cartwright, Riverstone Razorbacks.

How long is the Rugby League season?

This varies between Leagues but generally seasons run from April to September.

Will there be training involved?

Yes, most clubs and age groups will have scheduled training sessions throughout the season.