The National Officiating Accreditation Structure (NOAS) is a framework developed to provide officials with the right level of support at the right period of their development. Its objective is to deliver the right education and support which are clearly identified through the progression levels. This approach extends beyond just on-field refereeing and is aimed at the whole of person and at whole of industry improvement.  

The accreditation structure, overlays the player development pathway ensuring that Officiating “works within the game” rather than sitting beside it, is based on the “FTEM” Framework (Foundations, Talent, Elite, Mastery) introduced by the Australian Institute of Sport and based on research into participation in sport and athlete development. “FTEM” is a user-friendly framework of sport development, which identifies the specific learning needs from community level participant through to the elite level.

The NOAS framework extends beyond just on-field refereeing and is focused on a 3-dimensional holistic approach in the education of Match Officials.  The Personal, Educational and Technical development provides a “whole of person” approach in delivering the necessary skills, knowledge and attributes required with the view of prioritising a practical learning experiences delivered in varying learning formats ranging from the Face to Face delivery at Foundation 1 and Talent 2 levels, complimented by on-line learning at Foundation 2 and Talent 1 levels.   From Talent 3 to Mastery on-going learning and service to the game are pre-requisites to advancing up the accreditation levels.

Complimenting the technical development of Match Officials through the NOAS Framework is the National Rugby League Vocation, Education and Training [VET] program that provides Nationally Recognised Industry Recognition qualifications in Certificate II in Sport & Recreation and Sport Development – Athlete, Certificate III in Sport – Athlete embedded within all levels of the NOAS framework providing accredited Match Officials future educational and career opportunities.

The National Officiating Accreditation Structure provides Match Officials a great opportunity to achieve regular recognition as they progress through the FTEM levels of accreditation whilst having the highly sought-after skills of Leadership, Teamwork, Decision Making, Conflict Resolution and Communication now Nationally recognised.

Referee Accreditation Assessment Documentation

Below you will find the assessment documentation for all referee accreditation levels. Each level has an appropriate assessment with unique criteria. The assessment documents are to be completed by an accredited Referee Coach and submitted to the local Referee Assessment Coordinator, or Referee Development Officer.

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