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School Footy

How to get Rugby League into your school

Sporting Schools

Sporting Schools is a $320 million Australian Government initiative designed to help schools increase children's participation in sport and connect them with community sport opportunities.

Sporting Schools programs

Sporting Schools Program

Sporting Schools programs are provided free to children and their families to help students build the confidence and capability to be active for life. To help achieve this, Sport Australia has partnered with the National Rugby League to deliver fun, safe and inclusive programs to students around Australia. Each term, schools can apply for funding to have professionally delivered, non-contact Rugby League programs at your school.

NRL programs are aligned to the Health & Physical Education Australian Curriculum

This includes an assessment checklist linked to the movement and physical activity content descriptions. These tools are designed to help teachers assess student learning throughout the units and maintain records for student reporting.


Link to our page - https://www.sportaus.gov.au/schools/schools/sports/rugby_league

Grants and Funding - https://www.sportaus.gov.au/schools/schools/funding


Sporting Schools – Club Connect

Sporting Schools – Club Connect

NRL is part of the Sporting Schools Club Connect program! Sporting Schools Club Connect aims to enable primary schools to build on their involvement in the Sporting Schools program by establishing and building on relationships with local sporting clubs. The focus of the initiative is to support primary school students to transition from a school-based sporting program to participating at their local sporting club, promoting a lifelong engagement in sport.

Special Olympics Australia

Special Olympics Australia

Rugby League for All: Rugby League for All is an adapted version of the Rugby League (NRL) program, catering for students with intellectual disabilities and autism. It has been designed by NRL in partnership with Special Olympics Australia for delivery in special education environments. Coaches are purposefully trained and provided with additional resources to deliver inclusive programs and to adapt activities to suit the needs of participating students.

Not what you were looking for?

Not what you were looking for?

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