Tour Application Form

The approval process ensures all touring teams have adequate insurance/registered players/finances/qualified coaches/sport trainers and child safeguarding measures.

As part of this process, host clubs will be required to confirm that venues & match officials are organised for the visiting teams’ games.

Separate to this process, host clubs may be required to apply directly to their District, League or State body to host games. This will be dependent on local regulations.

Please note: Host clubs should check additional hosting requirements with the local League.


There are two application forms available:

1. Domestic Travel application:

This form applies to tours where the team is travelling interstate. Examples include:

  • Queensland team travelling to NSW regional or metropolitan district
  • NSW country or metropolitan team travelling to South Australia
  • Western Australia team travelling to Mackay (QRL)

No application is required for a team travelling within state boundaries.

An interstate League application must be made four (4) weeks prior to the first match played as part of any tour.


2. International Travel application 

This form applies to tours where the travelling team are departing from Australia and playing games in another country.

Please note that applications will only be accepted for International tours if the traveling team are 13 years or over.

Teams younger than 13 years will not be approved to travel internationally.

Formal communication of intention to participate in rugby league matches overseas must be made in writing to the travelling team’s local and State League no later than twelve (12) months prior to the first match played as part of any tour, followed later by the on-line application at least three (3) months prior to the first match played as part of any tour.

The initial communication of intention to participate in games overseas is not an approval to tour – this communication is to ensure the local and State Leagues are aware of the tour and can advise the touring team on all requirements for approval. The on-line approval is not required until 3 months prior to departure when all insurance papers, venues/opponents etc are able to be confirmed.


Prior to completing the Application to Tour please note:

  • The NRL Travel/Tour policy can be found at Please consult this policy before submitting your application
  • Your will need to supply the following information on the application form so please have all details ready prior to completing the form:
    • Contact details of the Tour organiser
    • Contact details of the Touring team’s club president or secretary
    • Contact details of the host club/s
    • Game dates and venues
    • Tour Budget outline
    • Insurance information (note International touring team’s insurance must confirm the insurance includes playing Rugby League games in specific countries)
    • NRL ID and Accreditation status for all touring coaches and sports trainers (note: the application cannot progress unless the NRL ID number for each coach or sports trainer is included in the application)    

For all touring teams 17 years and under, it is a requirement that there is one nominated supervising adult (chaperone) per eight children or young people (coaches/sports trainers/managers can be included as chaperones).

All chaperones listed will require proof of Child Safety clearance in their local respective state of residence. A chaperone takes on responsibilities like a team manager including ensuring codes of behaviour and policies are adhered to during the tour.



Once you submit the application it will progress to:

  1. Your club (international tours only)
  2. Your Group / District / Region / Division (for approval)
  3. Your State League, eg QRL/ NSWRL / NRL VIC etc (for approval)
  4. The host Group/District/Region/Division (for approval)
  5. The host State League, eg QRL/NSWRL/NRL VIC etc (for approval)
  6. The NRL (for approval)

The applicant will be notified if the application is denied at any level (and the actions required to correct the application) and when the application is completed and approved at all levels.

Choose between either DOMESTIC or INTERNATIONAL tour applications below.