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What is involved?

The League Stars Before or After School Program will provide your child with a variety of fun and engaging sessions over a number of weeks to Learn, Develop and Apply Rugby League skills. For more information regarding the program experience click here.

The League Stars Holiday Clinic is a one off, three-hour event suitable for children aged 5 – 12 years. The Holiday Clinic focuses on participant’s skill development, basic game play and movement followed by modified, non-contact games of Rugby League.


Every League Stars participant will receive a cool pack! For our before and after school programs, packs include a backpack, ball, ball pump, shirt and stickers while our Holiday Clinic participants will receive a drawstring bag, ball, ball pump, Bluetooth speaker and a luggage tag.

How many weeks do programs go for?

Before or After School Programs run for either 4, 6 or 8 weeks with a one hour session per week. You will find the length of your specific program within the program details here. 

Holiday Clinics are a one-off, three-hour session. For specific program details click here to search for your nearest available clinic.  

Where are sessions held?

Sessions are held at Schools, Junior Rugby League Clubs and fields across Australia


League Stars is safe, inclusive and educational. Our professionally trained Rugby League Development Officers ensure every participant has equal opportunity to laugh and learn in a non-contact, organised and safe environment.

Can parents attend?

We encourage parents to stick around and watch their little ones in action, the more the merrier!

And how much will it cost?

Phase 1 of League Stars, delivered in-schools is complimentary for participants. The Before or After School Program component and Holiday Clinics price varies based on the number of sessions each program has, see below:

  • 4 sessions: $49
  • 6 sessions: $75
  • 8 sessions: $99
  • Holiday Clinic (1 session): $40

Is there any tackling involved?

League Stars is a non-contact, skill-based program. Participants will partake in a variety of non-contact activities and modified games.

I believe I require a refund, how do I request this?

League Stars has a specific Refund and Cancellation policy. To view this policy and to complete a refund request please click here. 

How can my school get involved?

Schools that wish to host an introductory or full program should contact their relevant Game Development Officer, contact details can be found by clicking here.

Need more information?

For more information or enquiries regarding League Stars, contact your local Game Development Officer by clicking here.