In the first couple of weeks, the focus is on learning the basics, meeting new friends and having a heap of fun. Your League Star will participate in activities designed to gain an understanding of the basic rules of Rugby League and how it’s played. There is also a focus on fundamental movement, getting your League Star to move more confidently and providing the foundation for the development of Rugby League skills.

Power Up

It is here that your League Star will further build on the foundations established in the initial sessions. Each activity targets a specific Rugby League skill such as running and evasion, catching and passing, kicking and more. Additionally, your League Star will start to understand the importance of cooperation and working as a team.


As they move into the final stage, League Stars will be buzzing with confidence, motivation and an eagerness to apply their new skills. This is the moment they have been waiting for as they apply these skills in a variety of non-contact, small sided Rugby League games with their buddies.

Need more information?

For more information or enquiries regarding League Stars, contact your local Game Development Officer by clicking here.