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Junior Intro

Join our league of strong and confident kids.

Sign up to play League, and sign up to making friends for life. Registrations are now open for the 2023 season. Whether you’re new to a club or a familiar face around the grounds, we’re sure you will have a ball along the way.

Junior Additional

Find your club today.

So get ready for owning your skills, backing up after the spills and being part of League’s awesome extended family. Join our league of strong and confident kids. We can’t wait to see you out there!

How we make it fun and safe!

Player Development Framework (PDF)

With majority of our eleven (11) PDF initiatives targetted at 6-12s year olds, the Player Development Framework provides the optimal delivery of Rugby League to participants based on their age, stage of development, skill level and aspiration and is grounded in evidenced based research.

Active Kids Vouchers

Active Kids Vouchers are accepted in the game of Rugby League for all states and territories. 


You may be eligible for a sporting voucher depending on your state program, to find out more head to your state government website today!


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Safety is Our Focus

Rugby League has a focus on safety and good conduct to create the best on-field experience for all participants. We have developed a SafePlay code and modified rules for all age groups.

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Not what you were looking for?

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