Junior League Laws (6-12s)

The Player Development Framework applies in some regions.

A number of Regions are in the process of transitioning to alignment with the Player Development Framework. Please check with your Local League for the format that Under 6 and 7 will play within your area.


Find out more about the Player Development Framework

These Laws are relevant to Junior Rugby League from 6 years to 12 years, inclusive. These are a modified form of the game from the International Laws (for ages 13 years and above).

Our youngest players play under a set of Laws which cater for their varying stages of development; these matches are also played under the National Safeplay Code (for all players 15 years and younger) which prioritises safety and good conduct within the game. Click here to view or download the Code

To download or view a copy of the Junior Rugby League Laws for ages 6 - 12, please select from the below.

Under 6 & 7 Tackle Laws

Under 6 & 7 Tag Laws

Under 6 Tag & Under 7 Tackle Laws

Under 8 - 12 National Laws

How to play the game