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For all other enquiries contact us directly via nrlmasters@nrl.com.au


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Masters - Application to Host

Event Organiser - Main event contact who will be ensuring the Masters event meets all the requirements.
e.g. Jane
e.g. Doe
e.g. jane.doe@email.com
Event Registrar - This person will be given access to MySideline Admin to manage registrations.
e.g. Joe
e.g. Blow
Event Details - Tell us about what you've planned and organised so far!
e.g. Runaway Bay Masters Event
e.g. 225 Morala Ave, Runaway Bay.

Provide an overview of the Referee arrangements you have made for this event. E.g. engaged local Referees Association to facilitate this event OR contact Local League Administrator.
Provide an overview of the First Aid arrangements you have made for this event. e.g. contacted the Local League Administrator or engaged a qualified Sports Trainer from my Club

Subject to the full completion of the sanction process. A request will be forwarded to the NRL Insurance Policy insurer for a copy of the Public Liability Certificate of Cover for the Event. At the discretion of the Insurer the Certificate of cover will be disclosed to allow the event to proceed. Please note that we advise against the commencement of an event without confirmation of the Public Liability Certificate of Cover.


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