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Safety Information

Ensuring kids are active in a fun, safe and inclusive environment.

Everything you need to know about your family's Rugby League experience. 


Keeping it safe

Safety of play is our number 1 priority both on the Rugby League field and at our junior programs. We've put measures in place to keep our future stars comfortable and focussed on the game and activites. All Coaches, Referees and Trainers must hold current accreditation to ensure we have the right people fulfilling these roles. We also have a Code of Conduct and SafePlay code to remind participants of our expectations and standards on the field.


Having fun!

Now that they are safe... let's focus on the fun! Rugby League is about having a great time with your teammates and to maximise the smiles we've implemented some modifications for our younger age groups. Second chance rules, smaller fields and team numbers along with rules to ensure every player gets a fair turn with the ball will keep your little one excited for game day each week.


Make friends & stay healthy

Playing team sport such as Rugby League is a fun way for kids to build upon their social skills such as teamwork, communication, problem solving and relationship building. This is achieved while completing regular exercise, contributing to a range of mental and physical health benefits.

Child Safety

Child Safety

The NRL are committed to promoting a safe environment for all Children and and Young People and to assisting staff, officials, players, coaches, members and volunteers to recognise child protection issues and safeguarding procedures.

Member Protection Information Officers (MPIO)

Each state has a MPIO who is available to provide information and guidance on complaints procedures - they are the 'go to' person if you want to discuss problems at your club/association.


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Skill development

Rugby League contributes to the overall development of a child's cognitive and physical skill development. We've introduced policies such as the Dummy Half & First Receiver vest rotation to ensure each little star has their chance to shine in key positions. We're a leader in Coach compliance with all Coaches required to be accredited so that they are best equipped to create the most nurturing environment for all participants.

Working with Children Check

In Australia, people who work or volunteer with children are screened for suitability.  


As part of this screening process, nominated state agencies examine an applicant’s police information including criminal charges, offences, findings of guilt and professional conduct reports across the applicant’s lifetime.


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Find your way to play!

We have a range of Rugby League experiences to ensure there is an opportunity for all kids to participate in the greatest game of all.

Parents - League Stars

League Stars

Our introductory program is all play, no contact, appealing to the true nature of kids, in all their messy, high energy, love of fun and play. League Stars is run before or after school for primary school aged children over 4 -6 weeks. The program is suitable for all abilities with the focus on practicing fundamental movement skills and having a blast with friends.

Parents - Junior League

Club Rugby League

Club Rugby League is when the real fun begins. It's where young boys and girls have a ball while making lifelong friends and begin their journey as part of a Club and Team. Regular weekend footy, half-time oranges and plenty of happy faces.

Parents - Touch Football

Touch Football

An exciting and social member of the Rugby League family which appeals to kids looking for a fast paced but non-contact version of the game. Anyone can play - with teams typically made up of school friend groups, making it one of the most social sports on offer.

Are you keen to get involved?

Rugby League offers a range of opportunities for parents to get involved with their kids Rugby League Club. View our volunteer opportunities below. 

Not what you were looking for?

Not what you were looking for?

Find out more about other awesome programs, clubs and other opportunities!