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18 Month Registration Window

Player Development Framework

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What is the 18 Month Registration Policy?

The 18 Month Registration Policy provides an opportunity for players who are born between July and December to register in the year level immediately below their calendar grouping. To promote ongoing participation and personal development, this initiative specifically targets children who may be new to the game, late developers or who lack confidence.

Why the 18 Month Window?

Variances in maturation and developmental stages, especially in late childhood and early adolescences, present quite a range of physical, emotional and cognitive diversity among participants. The 18MRP addresses this perceived advantage that children close to an age cut-off receive. Additionally, the 18MRP caters to new participants in the game who may elect to play under the policy as a method to gain confidence while learning the core competencies of the game.

Everyone deserves a fair go...

"Playing against kids the same size has given him more confidence. He's enjoying playing much more as he previously played all season being younger and his team mates and opposition players were more mature and bigger."

18 Month Registration Window

18 Month Registration Window

Read through the guiding document behind 18 Month Registration Window initiative.

18 Month Registration Window in practice...

Since introducing the 18 Month Registration Policy opportunity more than 6000 participants have benefited from the opportunity to play in competitions with participants more closely aligned to their stage of development, with over half being new families to the sport. The overwhelmingly positive impact of this policy can be seen through the below results:


Reported that their child’s enjoyment of the 18 Month Registration Policy met expectations (16%), occasionally exceeded expectations (13%) or exceeded expectations (67%).


Reported that the 18 Month Registration Policy had improved their child’s confidence in Rugby League.


Reported the 18 Month Registration Policy had influenced their decision to remain in Rugby League.


Reported that the 18 Month Registration Policy had provided increased involvement opportunities in games for their child.

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