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Role of Coaches

Player Development Framework

The Coach Development Framework

The Coach Development Framework focuses on providing a range of learning opportunities to Coaches of 6 through to open age group players. The focus of the framework is to educate and support Coaches so they can facilitate an age and stage appropriate environment which prioritises the positive development of all players in their team. This development aligns with the principles of the Player Development Framework, which focuses on achieving positive outcomes in players competence, confidence, connection, and character.

It starts with the coach...

The education and support of these Coaches are very important. Arguably, the primary architect, and most influential adult, that contributes to the environment is the Coach. We know that if a coach can create a positive environment, that will likely contribute to lifelong participation and engagement in sport. On the other hand, if the coach facilitates a negative environment, this will lead to players disengaging from the sport and dropping out.

Creating a positive environment...

As a result of this, the education and development of Coaches will focus on how they can meet the primary needs of their players. Specifically, how do they foster an environment that focuses on fun, friendship, and fundamentals.


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