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Role of Parents

Player Development Framework

Parents are the key...

Participation in youth sports can improve physical and psychological skills, fitness, build character, develop social skills, unite families, and provide enjoyable experiences for young people. However, the quality of these sporting experiences is dependent on the quality of adult leadership (including parents) in sport. Appropriate parental encouragement, support, and praise relate to higher levels of enjoyment and participation. However, unrealistically high parent expectations, pressure, and criticism have been correlated with increased stress, less intrinsic motivation, lower enjoyment, reduced belief in competence, increased dropout, low self-esteem and subsequent attrition.

Tackling parent behaviour

The NRL have teamed up with the University of Queensland to conduct exploratory research that will provide insights into some of determinants of parental involvement in children’s sport and help identify the predictors of violent spectator behaviour, potential issues around key relationships within the various sporting codes, and will explore possible initiatives to help reduce these types of parental behaviours as well as increasing the profile of the sport in a positive way, leading to stronger ties within the community.

Safety is Our Focus

Rugby League has a focus on safety and good conduct to create the best on-field experience for all participants. We have developed a SafePlay code and modified rules for all age groups.

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