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TackleReady Program

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What is the TackleReady Program?

The TackleReady program allows participants to learn correct and safe techniques, preparing them for the tackle version of Rugby League. The six-session program is delivered by accredited NRL TackleReady deliverers and aims to increase player confidence and physical competence in all tackling situations.

Why TackleReady?

The TackleReady program addresses concerns commonly influencing parent’s perception towards Rugby League; in relation to their child’s size, strength and abilities. Therefore, the TackleReady Program focuses on key competencies to reduce the effects of varying size, maturation and skill level.


Our Objectives

  • Players: Provide a systematic introduction to tackling and being tackled with the aim of enhancing players competence and confidence leading to a greater level of enjoyment.
  • Coaches: Educate entry level club coaches with the necessary skills to teach new Rugby League participants how to tackle and how to be tackled safely.
  • Parents: Give parents peace of mind, and highlight the games commitment to offering a safe, inclusive environment.



TackleReady Research

TackleReady Research

Read through the research and trials that have led to the development of the TackleReady Initiative.

TackleReady Parent Feedback

During trialling and testing of the TackleReady program, approximately 1306 children had participated in the program. All participant families were provided the opportunity to comment on their experience with 168 surveys completed, representing a 13% return rate.


Reported that TackleReady had improved their child's confidence in Rugby League.


Reported that their child's enjoyment met expectations (17%), occasionally exceeded expectations (29%) or exceeded expectations (48%). 


Reported that TackleReady had improved their child's competence. 


Reported that TackleReady had influenced their decision to remain/return to Rugby League.

73% were highly likely to recommend TackleReady

When asked how likely it was that they would recommend TackleReady to a friend or colleague on a scale of 0 - 10 (10 being highly likely). We found 73% reported a score of 8 - 10, with a further 15% reporting a score of 5 - 7.

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