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League Stars Backyard

League Stars At-Home

League Stars at home series aims to provide a genuine League Stars experience in your own backyard or the local park.


These activities have been adapted from those normally delivered in a face-to-face environment into small group and individual variations.


Aiming to provide teachers with content for their online PE and Sport lessons and parents with activities to get their kids active.


Enjoy and remember to have fun!

League Stars At Home

Session 1

Welcome to the League Stars At-Home sessions! The first session focuses on movement, momentum and evasion. Side step the obstacles to avoid your opponent.

League Stars At Home

Session 2

Warm up with some Mascot Moves before improving your ball security skills and evasion tactics to score a TRY!

Session 3

Session 3

This session includes 3 fun activities to improve your reaction time and quick thinking to evade your partner or opponent.

Session 4

Session 4

Passing and catching skills are crucial in Rugby League. This session focuses on technique, coordination and team work!

Session 5

Session 5

Love kicking? This session is for you! Practise your kicking accuracy and timing as well as re-gathering the footy to score a try in this action-packed session.

Session 6

Session 6

Put all your new Rugby League skills into action in the final League Stars At-Home session. Now you’ll be ready to take the field and show off your new skills!

At Home Activities

Try it out with your class or friends!

Check out the activities you can practice at home.

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For more information or enquiries regarding League Stars, contact your local Game Development Officer by clicking here.


Be your own hero

Run, jump, and have fun while you tap into your strengths.