League Stars Refund Request Form


1, 4, 6, 8 & 10 Session Programs

Participants are entitled to a partial refund if the equivalent of 50% or more sessions are missed due to:

1. Verified injury or medical reasons

2. Adverse weather resulting in session cancellation

3. Individual or multiple sessions cancelled by a representative of the NRL

4. Participants notify the program coordinator of their intention not to partake in the program 5 business days prior to the commencement of the program and do not attend a single session

 Participants are entitled to a full refund if the program is missed due to the following:

1. The entire program (i.e. all scheduled sessions) is cancelled by a representative of the NRL

2. The entire program is rescheduled or relocated

 Please note: If a participant is unable to attend single or multiple sessions due to reasons not aforementioned and are beyond the NRL’s control, the participant will not be refunded. If deemed eligible for a refund, you will receive the participant fee less the cost of the pack. The participant pack is valued at $35. To apply for a refund, please complete the below form.

The fee paid by each participant of the Program covers the costs associated with program delivery and the promotional pack delivered to your nominated postal address. Following the completion of the online registration form for the Program, the participant pack is distributed directly to each participant via mail by an external supplier engaged by the NRL. Each pack is produced on demand, as such, once the pack has been dispatched, the participant is unable to return the items and seek a full registration fee refund.

Holiday Clinics

If a holiday clinic is cancelled due to reasons out of NRL's reasonable control (e.g., inclement weather, government restrictions, etc.) a full refund will be provided to the participant unless a League Stars participant pack was provided to the customer. If a pack was provided, no refund will be provided (as the pack cost value equals the program registration cost).

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