Movement and Fitness Drill 1

This Referee movement and fitness drill is designed to engage the Referee in some more rigorous movement activities in order to benefit their fitness levels. The distances, times, and recoveries are specific to the nature of refereeing, although they can be adjusted to suit the individual.

All forwards, continuous running

  • 5m return @ 70%
  • 10m return @ 70%
  • 40m sprint @ 100%
  • Jog back recovery (back to the start line)

Total distance = 110m
Duration Options:

  • Continuous run for 1 minute, with 1 minute recovery x 6 (12 minutes total time, 660m total distance)
  • Complete one set (i.e.: 110m), with a 40 second recovery, x 10

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Not what you were looking for?

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