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School Competition Team Nominations

State-wide School Competition Nominations now open for 2022



Karyn Murphy Cup

The Karyn Murphy Cup, now in its 6th year, will offer females across Queensland the opportunity to participate in a 9-a-side participation competition. Primary School (grades 5 & 6) & Junior Secondary School (grades 7 – 10) students will participate in a localised Karyn Murphy Challenge Development Competition, whilst the Secondary open-aged school teams (grades 11 & 12) will participate in the state-wide Karyn Murphy Cup competition which will begin in your local school sporting regions, with the winning school progressing to the next round.

Schoolboy Trophy

The NRL Schoolboy Trophy is a participation focused competition that aims to offer every high school across Queensland with an opportunity to take part in Rugby League. In 2022 the Year 10 division will be a Development Competition where teams will participate in their local school sporting regions. The Opens division (grades 11 & 12) will compete in the state-wide Schoolboy Trophy competition which will begin in your local school sporting regions, with the winning school progressing to the next round.

Schoolgirl Cup

Due to the growth of the Karyn Murphy Cup over the past 6 years, in 2022 we will be introducing the 13-a-side Schoolgirl Cup Competition. This state-wide competition is for secondary open aged school teams (Year 11/12). This competition is targeted at schools who have established Rugby League Programs at their schools for the open age group. Schools teams participating in the 2022 Schoolgirl Cup will be asked to submit a squad list. These players will not be able to participate in the open age division of the Karyn Murphy Cup, however your school can enter a second (or third etc.) team into the Karyn Murphy Cup open age division. 


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If your school is preparing to participate in the Karyn Murphy Cup, Schoolboys Trophy and/or Schoolgirls Cup you will need to complete the following requirements:

  1. Nominate your team via the 'Team Nomination Form' below
  2. Receive confirmation from the NRL of your nomination which will also include next steps for participating

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