League Stars Terms of Registration

I give permission for my child to participate in this National Junior Participation Program (the Program)
organised and conducted by National Rugby League Limited (NRL).

I acknowledge that there are some risks involved in sport programs such as the Program; and I accept
NRL, its employees and agents will not be liable for any injuries sustained by my child while participating
in the Program.

Rugby League is a sport which carries risk of personal injury. NRL takes considerable steps to reduce the
risk of serious injury in the Program, but it is not possible to eliminate risk entirely. By accepting these
Terms and Conditions, the participant and/or parent or legal guardian voluntarily assume the risks
associated with participating in the Program and acknowledges this related warning.


League Stars/Participation Program Insurance Statement

It is the responsibility of the parents/carers/guardians of the participant/s in any program to ensure that they have in place all insurances required to cover their child or children in the case of accident, injury, loss and/or damage arising out of a participant’s participation in a program. The NRL accepts no responsibility for a failure by the parents/carers/guardians of the participant/s to have in place any such insurance policy which would otherwise cover an accident, injury, loss and/or damage that arises out of a participant’s participation in a program. Additionally, we recommend the parents/carers/guardians of the participant/s that they obtain private health insurance for their child (for things such as general medical expenses and dental) to the extent necessary to cover any accident, injury, loss and/or damage to their child or children that may be incurred whilst participating in a program.



The fee paid by each participant of the Program covers the costs associated with program delivery and
the promotional pack delivered to your nominated postal address. Following the completion of the online
registration form for the Program, the participant pack is distributed directly to each participant via mail
by an external supplier engaged by the NRL. Each pack is produced on demand, as such, once the pack
has been dispatched, the participant is unable to return the items and seek a full registration fee refund.
A participant will be entitled to apply for a partial refund under the following conditions:

• The equivalent of 50% or more sessions are missed due to:

  •  Verified injury or medical reasons
  • Adverse weather resulting in session cancellation
  • Individual or multiple sessions cancelled by a representative of the NRL
  • The entire program (i.e. all scheduled sessions) is cancelled by a representative of the NRL
  • The entire program is rescheduled or relocated
  • Participants notify the program coordinator of their intention not to partake in the program 5
    business days prior to the commencement of the program and do not attend a single session.

If a participant is unable to attend single or multiple sessions due to reasons not aforementioned and are
beyond the NRL’s control, the participant will not be refunded.

If deemed eligible for a refund, you will receive the participant fee less the cost of the pack. The
participant pack is valued at $35.

These terms and conditions should be read in conjunction with NRL’s Privacy Policy, a copy of which is
made available at www.nrl.com/privacy-policy

Capitalised terms or phrases in these terms and conditions have the same meaning as in the Privacy
Policy, unless defined otherwise herein. In providing information into the online registration form for the
Program (the Information), the Club and the Player (or if the Player is under 18 years of age at the time of
registration, that Player’s parent or legal guardian) agree:

  1. the Information is true, correct and accurate;
  2. the Information will be held on a national database maintained by NRL;
  3. the Information may be used and disclosed by NRL and the States in accordance with and for the
    purposes specified in the NRL's Privacy Policy, including processing registrations, organising, staging and
    conducting programs, competitions and providing Rugby League related information and offers from NRL
    and other Rugby League Administrators;
  4. the parent/guardian/primary carer has voluntarily provided some Sensitive Information in the
    online registration form for the Program relating to ethnicity and heritage. This information assists NRL
    and Rugby League Administrators to adopt a needs based approach to the administration and
    development of Rugby League and to ensure that it is an inclusive sport.

Terms and Conditions

The NRL has various Terms and Conditions to ensure all players, staff and volunteers are adhereing to what is required to participate.