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International (13+) Training Sessions

As we reach these older age groups. Our training sessions start to add a few more components. Its still important that when planning your session, there is a focus on:

  • Safety
  • Fun & Enjoyment
  • Positive feedback and encouragement
  • Maximum participation
  • Skill Development

Session Structure Overview

A good way to structure your session is to start off with a warm up, then incorporate technical skills, tactical skills, and conditioning into the body of the session, then finish with a cool down. Here is a visual representation of this. 

When planning you session, you should use on of the 3 activity types to fill these areas. These activity types are open activities, closed activities, and skill biased games. For example, a warm up could either be an open activity or a skill biased game combined with some stretching.

Session Components

  1. Warm Up
  2. Technical Skill Activities
  3. Tactical Skill Activities
  4. Conditioning
  5. Cool Down

Not what you were looking for?

Not what you were looking for?

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