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Mini Mod (6-12) Training Session's

In these younger age groups. Our training sessions should be simple and easy to implement. This will ensure there is a focus on:

  • Safety
  • Fun & Enjoyment
  • Positive feedback and encouragement
  • Maximum participation
  • Skill Development

Session Structure Overview

Rather than use a traditional training session structure, we have developed a mini/mod session structure for you. This structure incorporates three main activity types, these include:

  • Closed Activities
  • Open Activities
  • Skill Biased Games

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Using these activity types, the mini/mod training structure is:

  1. Start with a Game: split your players into two teams and let them play a game against each other on a modified field. If you choose to make this tackle instead of tag, ensure you have taught the players to tackle safely and they bring any protective equipment, such as a mouthgaurd or headgear that they wear during games.
  2. Closed Activity: implement a closed activity to allow players to practice a skill without to much external pressure
  3. Open activity: this type of activity will allow the players to practice the skill in an environment with added pressures
  4. Finish with a Skill Biased Game: These games are designed to highlight a particular skill in a game situation. 



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