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Player Development Framework


What is TackleReady and Development Competitions?

In this short informational video, Brad "Freddy" Fittler explains everything you need to know about TackleReady and Development Competitions, two of the exciting initiatives in the Player Development Framework (PDF).

What is it?

What is the Player Development Framework (PDF)?

It is a game-wide project that has been undertaken to address concerns around emerging trends in participation. The 11 initiatives associated with the Framework focus provide the optimal delivery of Rugby League to participants based on their age, stage of development, skill level and aspiration and is grounded in evidenced based research.

Primary Objectives

By achieving the three primary objectives of Attract and Retain Participation, Foster Personal Development, and Transition and Nurture Performance, the game will deliver an environment that affords all Australians the opportunity to play Rugby League regardless of their age, skill or aspiration.

Inside the Framework

Inside the Framework

Learn more about the main objectives and principles of the Player Development Framework.

RISE Development Program

RISE Development Program

The RISE Rugby League Development Program provides aspirational Junior Rugby League players (Under 13 - Under 16 years) and coaches with an avenue to obtain specialised training and education through a holistic Rugby League development experience.

Frequently Asked Questions


The Player Development Framework covers almost all bases of the Rugby League experience so you may have some questions of things we haven't covered specifically.

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